DreamCrates Inc.

DreamCrates Inc. is a new concept in the construction and manufacturing profession and respective trade industry. We offer a solution to the problem of maintaining an efficient work base while investing in your workplace without giving away 100% of rental costs to building owners.

We supply modified containers tailored to your needs. Whether your workplace is hosting space for an architect, engineer or any other imaginable trade out there, we have a solution for you. And, most importantly, every container we design respects all applicable codes.

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From a design perspective, you get to choose everything you need so that your workplace is as simple or as complex as needed. This ensures your space is as cost-effective and productive as possible.

We are partnered with the best in the industry to offer cost-efficient alternatives to every trades and professional.

The roots of DreamCrates come from an entrepreneur who required an efficient workplace without having to commit to long-term, traditional tilt-up or warehouse/office space rentals.

Is your business growing? Is your workspace temporary?

If your business is experiencing a growth spurt or the space you are located in today is temporary. With the ability to modify your workspace to suit your needs as they change, you are able to continuously invest into your business as it grows without worrying about losing your investment because you have to or might move your location in the future.







No more moving or relocating downtime.

Our units are relocatable from site to site and can be built with integrated casters allowing you to relocate them within a warehouse environment as needed and can be shipped worldwide. Never experience downtime again. Get to work as soon as your new container reaches its destination.

All containers are fully insulated with 1 phase or 3 phase 240vAC 100/200 Amp electrical panels as well as all specific workbench/storage configuration you choose. Other options include in-wall air supply, LED monitors, LED Lighting, temperature control as well as any other specific control panels – we even provide roll-up doors to window opening options. In essence, you dream it, and we build it.

We have partnered with industry-leading suppliers to offer you the highest quality products available because we understand workplaces require peace of mind and concentration in order to be effective. One example of this is the use of compressed air. We can offer you integrated compressed air options at the lowest available decibel while ensuring it meets the requirements for transportation (Exterior dimensions and weights respected).

If you are on the lookout for an efficient and pro-active workplace, DreamCrates Inc. also offers a community of rental units all strategically coordinated to allow synergy between all trades and professionals to network under one roof at a location of your choice within proximity of your client base (subject to demand).

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Our goal is to see each entrepreneur reduce their risks and enhance each of their chances to succeed by assisting them to foster their growth within a community of like-minded individuals to meet currently increasing client demands.

With DreamCrates Inc., you now have an option to build equity, tailor your workplace needs and work within a community of trades and professionals in Synergy in comparison to the traditional alternatives in existence.

Give us a call to discuss your dream workplace. We will be glad to make your dream a reality.